Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The best laid plans...

Well, I had lots of plans to do some stuff around the house in preparation of leaving for HOOT next Tuesday (OMG...osh, that's a week away!), but was laid low today. The weather's been pitiful and I guess my body figures it needs to be in sync with the crappy weather too, lol. Oh well, I have a very supportive husband and I still have a few days .

Did I tell you it was still raining? A LOT! Where oh where is it all coming from? We had a huge storm hit again this afternoon with 100 km winds and lots of thunder and lightning and torrential rain. Geesh. I think my plants are starting to cry "uncle", lol. Well, the weathermen are saying we're actually going to have some sunshine for the rest of the week. Hmmmm, we'll see. Maybe they're just saying that 'cause they're starting to be hated more than the politicians 'round here, lol.

Tomorrow's another day and if it's nice (and even if it's not), I get to spend some quality time with my better half and hopefully I will get a few things done on my to-do list.

Good news... my youngest has got a job! Yippee! He'll be working at Wendy's (the same fast-food restaurant his older brother is working at). Hope he enjoys it... I know I will .

~ Shelley

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  1. Oh, thank goodness!! I found another painting blog. So glad you were able to go to Convention this year. I wasn't able to make it but went to the Artist Expo in Houston, Texas. Went to HOOT in 2007 - took 14 hours of driving time - but you are going to love it. Check back with you later to see how it went. BTW, loved the day by day narrative on your experience at Convention.