Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where was I?

Oh ya, the convention. Well, I also forgot to mention that Marcia (Vanover) and Cheiko had popped by our Meet n' Greet on Wednesday night to say a quick hello and to apologize that they just couldn't stay as they were "bagged" from the first night of the Trade Show. Cheiko donated two of her books for our doorprizes. They were so sweet. I spoke with Marcia the next day (the Thursday) on the Trade floor, at length. What a doll. And Doris? I heard about some of your escapades .

So where was I? Hmmm, ohhhhh, the last day, lol. Woke up early but not very coherent, lol. OMGaaaawd, I said. What have I done? Last day and it's an 8 hour class! Argggh.

It was the best class ever. Yup. Huge 2ft by 2ft canvas Poppies with Shelley Hankins from England. We used large bristle brushes and tube acrylics (5 colours) and just had a ball putzing away and playing "blendy, blendy, blendy" on our pieces. There were 25 in the class and everyone of them looked great. Shelley (bless her heart she spells her name correctly ) was friendly, open, relaxed, funny (sometimes at her own expense, lol). The class was great. I've done blended acrylics before but usually with some extender or Brush n' Blend. Never with really large bristle brushes. This was a little different method and so much fun and a great last day wrap-up. I would definitely recommend her (I understand she submitted quite a few pieces for the next National so hopefully a couple will be chosen at least) and would take a class with her again.

Hit the Trade Show and visited again for a bit on my lunch hour. Saw Elaine Russell and Frances Baker; Donna Slutiak (my new BFF); Patsy Deal; Shirley Nan Ruchong (what a delightful lady); Lisa Curry; Nancy Genetti; Linda Biedermann; kept bumping into (sometimes literally, lol) more of our TF's like Carolyn Nelson (in my poppy class today), Linda Sprouse, Diane Hart, Cindi, Donna, Kathy Doto, Janet, Donna Wessel, Melinda, Kathy Bigham, Linda Hatfield and Linda Sofranko (think the others were avoiding me, lol) ... then it was time to go back to class and finish. Finished early about 3 pm. There were a few hangers-on in the Poppy class but they were 99% done.

Spoke with Lisa and congratulated her and any other SDP Board Member and staff member I could find on a good show.

So... it's now time for dinner then we'll hit the road REAL early tomorrow (probably 5 am for a 15+ hour drive home) and wrap up our awesome week.

For anybody interested, the election results are posted on the SDP site, as well as the certification board results.

~ Shelley

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