Friday, June 19, 2009

It was a dark and stormy night...

Well, not really, but storms hit at about 5:00 a.m. here (6 a.m. my time, lol) and as we heard later, 3 rooms in our hotel had their windows literally blow INto the room. Yup, mullions and shattered glass. Yikes. No one was hurt but gosh that must've been a good blow. It was sure cause for talk.

I had the morning off so spent a good portion of it relaxing and taking it slow (snail's pace). Wandered to breakfast and met a few people there. Then came back to the room for a bit and went through some of my emails and wrote a note for the blog. Then I wandered over to the Civic Centre.

First stop the Volunteer Booth to get my assignment. I'd promised so thought that I should follow through as I felt I had the night free and someone could probably use a helping hand. With assignment in hand, I headed to the Trade Show to spend my time leisurely going through each exhibit.

I had to see the Certification Boards. Wowsers... inCREDible! I took pics that I hope turn out (too tired right now to offload them from my camera - but I took pics of EVERY single entry). Those that didn't pass remained anonymous, as apparently, it's a way "not to embarass" the submitter. Okay. But honestly, for some (read MOST) of the ones that didn't pass, it must've been by a hair. They are fabulous. Again, I think everyone who submits is a winner. It's an incredible journey that these members go on. I really, really admire them (and their incredible pieces). To see these paintings in the flesh, well, it's almost the only way to really experience them. I was truly awed.

Then I sat in on Tracy Moreau's faux finish demo. Then I ... spent money. Well, what do you think I did? Went through my cash/mad money and had to put a couple things on charge. Well, you know how it is.

Then, it was time for my "job", lol. I went up to my assigned room, which was where the teachers come for their class supplies that have been sent to the site and got right to work, hauling, lugging, panting, walking, and walking, and walking, and... You get the picture. The lady in charge of this area, Sharen, at the Civic Centre was so happy to have me (Sharen is in Brenda's Chapter in Oklahoma - I think). I helped Connie Parkinson, Vicki Tatum, Sharon Hamilton, Diane Bunker and a couple others. After the classes started, I actually got a break. Ooooh, my aching, hot bones (I swear it's not air-conditioned in this building). Talked with Sharen and found out she'd be alone later for the end of the day clean-up. I said "uh-uh, no way, I'll come back to help at 10 pm". She seemed delighted as it is very lonely and very secluded in this building at that late hour. So... off I went for a bit of a rest and then to dinner. Met up with some friends and enjoyed a couple relaxing hours, then another couple friends popped in (hi, Linda Sofranko - waving at ya) and spent another hour chatting and enjoying. Then, ooops, time for my "shift", lol. Didn't get back to my room 'til about 11:30 am with an early morning class for Friday, but what the heck, I made Sharen a happy lady by keeping her company, cutting down the time it took and we accompanied each other safely back to the hotel. Promised her I'd help out Friday after my morning class. If I don't, she knows where to find me, lol - she knows what class.

Next stop Friday's happenings.

~ Shelley

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