Saturday, December 3, 2011


We had a welcomed visitor yesterday morning. One of our friends, Derry, came to visit with his "new addition".

Derry was the proud owner of Domino and Checkers, two of our "babies" (from Ripley, Hunter's mom; and Hunter respectively). Sadly, they have passed to the Rainbow Bridge and after several months of an empty house, Derry and Patty brought Sammy home.

What a sweetie (Derry too, lol). Now, while my gang is not so used to puppies anymore, they tolerated Sammy pretty well with only a couple leaps outta the way and snaps when he got too silly with them. The "photo shoot" went off without a hitch and we actually got about 7 or 8 shots before Sammy had had enough, lol.

Derry, thanks so much for sharing and bringing a new furbaby to see us. So looking forward to watching Sammy grow up.


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