Saturday, December 3, 2011


Jeannie let me down.

Yup. Good thing I printed from "Google Maps" 'cause my new GPS didn't seem to have an "app for it", lol.

Armed with my print out and secure in the knowledge I had my "Jeannie", I headed off for a stamping technique day an hour and a half away last weekend. I knew about where I was to go, so felt pretty confident. But of course, I also had my new toy (GPS) to keep me company.

"We" argued the first half of the trip, lol. I was determined to head East and South and she was darn-well-determined to have me go East and North before heading a bit South. Oh well. It was nice thinking I wasn't just "talking to myself" but to something that would kibbitz back, lol.

So, finally having won the battle (I thought), Jeannie directed me to the correct off ramp and in the direction I "knew" was right. Until we got to Vankleek Hill, about 20 minutes from my destination, lol. It was rather funny. I "thought" I should go straight through the town; however, "she" felt I needed to start turning north. 'Kkkkkkk, I'll humour "her" but I think she's wrong. So, turn left she says. Turn left again. Turn left again. Turn left again. And of course "she's" actually indicating the streets by name and they ARE correct, but... yup, you've got it, "she" was in an endless loop, lol. Wanted to keep taking me "'round the block".

Okay... "she" had her chance so I ignore the chatter coming out of the GPS and head off in the direction I want to go. Then "she" tries to tell me to head back onto a ramp which indicates it's going to send me back the way I came? Nope, I am NOT gonna listen to "her" anymore . I head off where Google Maps has told me and reach my destination no problem (Jeannie also picked up about a couple kilometers from the destination and was fine with that, lol). Told my hostess what had happened and apparently my "Jeannie" is not the only GPS that has had this hiccup, lol. Many of her past visitors have cited the same issues.

Took the "other" way home and Jeannie was quiet most of the way. Happy with the fact I was following "her" way. Go figure.

I did have a good day. Created a whole album of 20 different stamping techniques and just enjoyed my creative get-away. Would I do it again? Absolutely. Jeannie or no Jeannie, lol. It was comic relief.

All this to say, don't necessarily trust yourself to the technology of a GPS.


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