Friday, November 11, 2011

What is wrong with this picture?

We bought a new dog bed for the dogs. A little on the small side, but it was inexpensive ($6.00!!) and cute and we thought, "what the hey, one of 'em might use it - probably little 'Squeak".

So... Molson really doesn't use any of the pet beds. We originally bought a few for the older dogs, Hunter and then Whisper. Hunter mainly. But then Whisper decided she really wanted Hunter's so we bought one for Whisper who then staked the new one out as hers and wouldn't let anyone else near it, lol. So off we went to get another and she staked it out too and would almost have a hissy fit when either of the two newer ones were occupied, lol. She'd huff and puff and stomp and stare and then throw herself to the floor in front of the occupied one and block whoever was on it - even while the one a few feet away was empty! If she got to the prime one first (whichever one would change on a whim) she'd growl and snarl to warn the others away. I think ONCE we actually caught all of 'em on the same bed at once and that was only because Whisper pushed her way onto one occupied by 'Squeak and Shimmer and lay almost on top of them. Ya, really. But they all left Hunter and her bed alone. She had the prime spot right beside the kitchen table where I'd sit with my 'puter.

Fast forward to now. No bed beside the kitchen table. Two in the familyroom a few feet apart. We cycle them around and now have extras to replace those that are destined for the wash.

Molson does his own thing. 'Squeak loves company. Shimmer gets tired of sharing with her daughter any spot she has laid claim to first. She gets too warm and 'Squeak is just too chummy and cloying, lol. So Shimmer has decided that the little pet bed is quite perfect as there is no room for 'Squeak (Shimmer barely fits). 'Squeak has taken to her Grandmother's ways of stomping and huffing and puffing and staring if Shimmer won't share the small bed. Until now... hubby and I watched in shock and awe as the little weasel pushed her way onto the TINY pet bed with her mother. She just 'bout pushed Shimmer off, lol. I grabbed my camera in
disbelief as Shimmer put her head up as if to implore me to save her. What a sight. The big pet bed, usually shared, remains empty. Molson snores blissfully unawares in his own little world elsewhere.


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