Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hmmmm... waz up?

Well, I did go to the Quebec painting convention. Salon des Arts Decoratifs. It was, indeed, spectacular. Apart from the communication and culture shock, the people are by far, the friendliest, neatest, chiquest (my new, made-up word, lol), youngest group of painters by far. It is just... well... energizing.

I was tired (and still oh-so-sore) from the show the previous week, but I tell you, you don't have time to let your feet grow roots, lol. My French language skills were a tad lacking this year (I claim the aforementioned tiredness ) but most people were so patient and appreciative of any attempt, however much you massacred the French language ;-).

The show was in St. Hyacinth this year. It's about a 1/2 hour east of Montreal. Beautiful area. I used my friend's GPS and dubbed it "Jeannie" (for genie in a bottle/box, lol). I tell you, if someone had heard me talking back to that little piece of modern technology, I would've been committed, lol. You should've heard me when "she" would tell me to make a "legal" U turn, lol. Not. I really enjoyed it, though, and "she" sure helped me. Since then, my sweet hubby has bought me my own GPS.

The show was so busy, the four days passed in a blur. It was sad to say goodbye to my friends (new and old) but good to get home.

New. Not much. My oldest has come to stay for a couple weeks. Something about needing a break? Whatever. It's new and different and... okay, I'll say it... strange, lol. 24 is so grown up and mature and adult and a mom is not s'posed to question every little thing. Right? As if. We'll give him that space and privacy. For now .

Am still playing with the papercrafts. So satisfying. Instant gratification. I'm just in the midst of controlling some of my chaos so that I can plan a little workshop for some friends and create some Stampin Up cards and gifts for Christmas.

Have also been doing some painting and just finished a set of 4 winter landscapes adapted from a Dorothy Dent design. Will post a pic when I touch up a couple. Tomorrow I'm going to start a Kelly Hoernig design of a little "Jingle Bear". Colour Pencils. Do you hear me singing "Jingle Bells", lol?

Any-who... can't think of what else to say right now, so I'm just gonna hit "publish", lol.


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