Friday, September 2, 2011


She's getting old, lol. The arthritis is getting the upperhand. We're now carrying her up stairs almost all the time. Very few exceptions. She can still make it downstairs most of the time. But she doesn't like to. And she doesn't like to get her feet wet in dewy grass or rainy grass, so she mostly goes on the patio stones. Each stone is 18" square, so by my calculations, the pic I took (one of her shorter trails, lol) is about 15'. Please let me decide on the signs for her needing to be a "downstairs" dog before she breaks her housetraining due to old age! Argh.

We had a four-legged visitor for a few days in August. He was busy as 6 month old pups are. The younger ones got used to him and would "tune him up" periodically. Pebbles just shrugged these times off and went about his merry way. He's a good pup. Whisper is 13-1/2+; she doesn't have to "put up with it" and doesn't. The photo shows her greeting Pebbles, lol. Thank goodness she is much slower moving as she ages .


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