Monday, September 12, 2011

A little lost

I'm a little numb and bruised today. It's not really a bad day, if you call saying goodbye to a furry friend and helping them move onto a less confusing, painfree life is a blessing and a gift we can give them. It's just kinda the speed it took, like a snowball rolling down a mountain. It's with a sad heart that I write her obit today.

Whisper: December 29, 1997 - September 12, 2011

Yes, she was aging fast. They always do once that process starts. Didn't mind carrying her up and downstairs; she'd actually resolved herself to her new role of demanding mistress of the house, lol. Take her out, plunk her onto the soft grass, give her behind a pat and gentle push and she'd do "her business", maybe run 'round for a bit and sniff all the neat yard smells, check the back gate area and warn the construction workers and passersby that she was the Queen of all she surveyed, then wander back to the patio and yip or whine until her servant appeared to usher her into her abode. She wanted her "dues" when and how she wanted them, lol.

Her arthritic discomfort was getting worse and the pills gave limited relief. Her hind end was getting weaker and she'd softly collapse occasionally then look a little befuddled. Her sleeps were longer and deeper. But boy, could that tail still wag and that body still enjoy the petting and scratching. And she was always right there at the door pushing her way thru the others and demanding her share.

Saturday night we went out to dinner and when we came back I thought she was "listing" a little. Her behaviour was a little more clingy and she was a little more unsteady on her feet. We both voiced our thoughts that her time was getting nearer and time for serious monitoring. The next day she seemed back to "her normal". I met with my eldest and tried to pave the way. I was met with denial and a cold statement that I'd never been forgiven for the passing of another favourite from about 7 years ago, Sheena. Sheena, the matriarch, was 17 years and one week when I had to make the decision for her/us. I was hurt. I've always tried to be honest with the kids (and myself) and do the best for the furries and them and pave the way for the facts of life and the gift (yes, it is that; as hard as it is and it HAS been hard over the years) of being able to help them to the Rainbow Bridge. Oh well. He (my eldest) and I went birthday shopping for something for his girlfriend and had a good day and I made sure I convinced him to factor in time to come home and make a card for his girlfriend and I'd drop him to work on time. It was my way of ensuring he see "his dog" while the opportunity was still there. Whisper was as good and healthy as an old, arthritic dog could be and was very happy to see him and get extra attention and treats. That tail was a-waggin'.

She had lots more smelly dog treats than normal that day, ate a huge dinner drenched in chicken bouillon and looked for more. Had her evening scratch and pet and outing and after two extra special dog cookies (rather than the 1/2 the dogs usually got for "bedtime-cookietime"), we all retired for the night.

I was awakened by my youngest son sometime around 1 a.m. Whisper was seizing. It was not her "normal" short epileptic episode (she'd started having small seizures at about age 8 and they lasted mere seconds to a couple minutes; they occurred sporadically about every few months and were not too momentous for her or us). This was something more and not pretty. I got her settled some, hubby awoke and looked after the both of us and we determined it was time. No time to wait 'til "regular hours".

Her last couple hours were calmer and with her favourite people and we said goodbye and let her go peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge. I am sure she is smiling and running freely again and painfree and lording it over all the others. The Queen Bee.

There is a hole in the household today. The three young-uns are a little unsettled as am I but we will carry on and each day will get better. Should be interesting what happens with the furbaby hierarchy now that the Queen Bee has passed on the torch. Very interesting .

Whisper? Waggy tail? Where's that waggy tail? Gooooood girl. We'll miss you, but know that you're painfree and happy and wagging that tail madly, dancin' and lookin' for your "dues".



  1. What a beautiful doggie Shelley!
    So sad when we lose a best friend :-(

  2. Thanks for understanding, Debbie.