Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happiest making a mess

Yup, right now I'm covered in sealer, lol. I mean, really, adhering paper (or fabric) to a surface using sealer one must get their fingers in it. Right?! You've got to apply the sealer to the back side of your paper, then smooth it down. Then all over the top as well. Yes, I use a burnishing tool (old credit card or gift card, paint scraper, palette knife, brayer, piece of siding... whatever's at hand, lol), but it's best if you get your fingers in it so you can feel the ripples that need gentle coaxing . Oh, I'm in process of starting a new Carol Forsyth design, Hidden in the Spring Garden. It's so cute. Can't wait to get to the painting. So far the prep has gone well. Will show n' tell when I'm done.

I'm being extra careful not to get any on my 'puter, Honey .

Speaking of my honey. I'm happily married to Dan, who supports my crafting by taking me or sending me to crafty workshops, acting as the waiter when my crafty friends come over, and finding me new supplies that I didn't know I needed. Case in point, stopped at my friend Cindy's shop this week with husband in tow. Off he goes to check out the offerings while I gab with Cindy (the Painted Pony). Over he comes with some embossing folders and asks if I have this one or that one 'cause they're neat (and he knows I love 'em [and him more]). Yup, we left with a two-pack of Sizzix Animal Print folders. Now I need to figure out how best to use them. Thinking... heehee.

I arrived home from the show last Monday after almost a week away. He walked in the door shortly thereafter with a big bouquet of cut flowers to welcome me home. On Mother's Day, not only did he gift me with a new bracelet for my Pandora beads and a couple of beads for it, but one of the beads was a beautiful bouquet of flowers that will last FOREVER and remind me of my man! He's the bestest. A real keeper. I know when I'm blessed.

~ Shelley

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