Saturday, May 8, 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

... or not, lol. My hubby has no sense of humour [VBEG]. At least not where this photo is concerned. I mean, really, dontcha just love the character of this 'puter keyboard?!

No, it's not mine, teehee (the hubby is breathing a sigh of relief, while shaking a finger at me and thinking "don't you dare", lol. As if. He'd kill me [grin].). It belongs to a very good artist friend. We had previously corresponded and got to meet each other in person during our week in Toronto at the show. It felt like we'd known each other forever. Wish she were closer. Not only is this wonderful lady a very accomplished artist (just love her stuff), but she is one of the most grounded, caring, giving people I've ever met. Donna Scully is her name. She's been through more than many people I know, but handles it all with grace, dignity and a huge desire to stay positive and smiling and share her journey with others. She handles these speedbumps in life like no other. Yes, Donna has fought and won her battle with breast cancer.

The C2C Painting Convention in Mississauga (Toronto) was great. You leave the convention TOTALLY exhausted, but energized and inspired. You work your tail off (least I did) setting up, taking down and working in between, but you meet old friends and make new ones. It's totally invigorating and yes... fun! The convention goers were excited to be there. Excited to be painting and taking classes and excited to hit the Trade Show floor. Friday was a blur. Kitty and Chuck Gorrell were in the booth directly across from ours. On Saturday, Chuck said to me that he hadn't seen me all day Friday. Whaddya mean, I said, I was there the whole day 'cept for about 10 minutes (9 a.m. right thru 'til 5 p.m.). He laughed and said he didn't SEE me as I was always blocked by a swarm of people at our booth, lol.

Noticeably missing from the show this year were a few of the bigger, American booths. Bear with Us and Brushes n' More didn't attend this year. However, there was still much to see and do and help us part with our money. Many of the teachers had "teacher booths"; DecoArt was represented; lots of awesome canvasses from Gwartzmann's; Sterling Wood Products was there and they have awesome and unique woodpieces; lots of books; packets; supplies... There was no shortage of exciting booths, including our own. Princeton Brush Co., Willow, Speedball, Debbie Cotton and Donna Scully all in our booth. Holly Hanley was right beside us with another very busy booth. I was able to pick up a few donations to send down for the ToleFriends party at SDP. Hopefully it'll get there on time.

I drove home on Monday. This week I just "hit a wall". Total exhaustion. Have been sleeping away much of the week. So next week I'll have to put the pedal to the metal and get some stuff done.

My calf has healed but I still have a raspy voice. Sigh. It's getting there, but still a struggle.

Will post again soon.

~ Shelley

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