Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Crafter's Companion is coming to Canada on TSC!!!

Okay my Canadian peeps, you asked for it and that's what we're bringing to you - loads of product, samples and unbelievable prices on Crafter's Companion product.

And where might you ask?  Well on our very own shopping channel... TSC.  Tune in this Saturday, July 21 at 9 a.m., 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. and watch Jennifer Tryon's presentations.  There will be great prices on quality product.

The Crafter's Companion cardstock (Luxury Cardstock and Shimmering Cardstock) and paper is perfect for papercrafts that last and stand up to viewing over and over.  It diecuts like a dream (of course the Gemini die cutting machine is a big plus for this with all the intricate dies).  

I'm going to be posting in our Fan group, on my instagram (yup... unbelievable that I do have one of those accounts lol) and elsewhere with some samples with the products that will be showcased.  Here I'm showing some of the Gemini Stamp & Die combinations.  You can stamp, you can die cut the whole image, or you can die cut one side or both sides.  The way you use these is only limited by your imagination.

Poppies - side cut on top fold card

Butterflies - side cut on side fold card (landscape)

Dandelions - side cut on side fold (portrait)
Cupcakes - inside cut
Peonies - cut on corner
Foxglove - gatefold and fully die cut image
Tea Time - Top fold cut on side and image fully die cut
Sunflowers - Z fold/foldback edge and side cut on base
Peonies - Double Die Cut edge (vertical or horizontal orientation)
 To see more of what will be showcased, click this link: http://www.crafterscompanion.com/comingtotsc

And to join our Fan Group on Facebook, click here: Fans of Crafter's Companion on TSC.  Not only will you see close-up photos of some of the samples, you will have an opportunity to participate in the Giveaways!  Yes... I said "giveaway"!

Thanks for staying and reading this long post.


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  1. Some really well done cards showing a great bit of imagination Shelley. Everyone loves to be on the receiving end of your craftsmanship --- or is that "CraftPersonsShip"? Hmm... even the spell checker don't like that one bit.

    Love, Dad