Monday, May 9, 2016


What makes you lose sleep?  I'm thinking my friend, Brenda, must have a lot of sleep interruptions and ah-ha moments and I'll venture a guess might even have a notepad and pen close at hand 'cause... she's done it again.

A Hershey Kiss CAT!  You had me at chocolate (well... I'm not a huge choco-holic but I do love my Hershey Kisses and always have a few hidden hoping for another Brenda-original) and then add cats...  So stinkin' cute and so quick & easy.

These would make super house-warming gifts (a basket of cute kittens anyone?), kids' party favours, cat-lady/friend or pet-sitter gifts, office gifts, table favours or... keep a few to hand out, individually packaged in a clear envelope and sporting your Stampin' Up contact info on a little collar tag?

So, you can get your own tutorial here.  While you're there, be sure to check out all the other fabulous tutorials Brenda has and if you need a Stampin' Up Demo in the States (I'm in Canada), be sure to think of Brenda.


Supplies used are all Stampin' Up.  I didn't have the Playful Pets stamp set (so cute) for the nose and mouth but pulled out my always-by-my-side Owl Builder punch and used the heart from it.  I also use some retired dsp to give some interest to the golden eyes.  Gel pen for highlights.

My second "make" is below and I decided to add a belly/body.  Which one do you like better?

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