Friday, November 6, 2015

Ohmigawd I'm just so excited!

Oh yes she did!  She did it, she did it, SHE DID IT!  Who?!  Brenda of course (of Qbee's Quest).  The Hershey Kiss Project Creator Supreme.

I don't know 'bout you but I've just been vibrating waiting for part 2 of the Hershey Kiss Nativity.  I was speculating on what just might be in it since Brenda teased all of us that there would be a part 2 ;-).  (For part 1, see my previous post here)

AND I am so not disappointed!  Freakin' genius!  I could wax poetic and go on and on 'bout Brenda's skills as a paper engineer but many of you know.  And if you don't know, haven't got any of her past tutorials or this one... what are you waiting for?!  Her skills at the engineering are only exceeded by her attention to detail with those fabulous instructions.  Photo-heavy and beautiful.  The step-by-steps make it easy as Brenda's done all the "heavy lifting" lol.  She leaves them clean, simple, totally doable and beautiful just the way they are or... you can take more time and add embellishments, stamping and more.  The sky's the limit because, again, Brenda's done all the work and once you buy and make any of her creations... your friends and family think you're the "bomb" lol.

So... without further adieu, here is my first take on this tutorial.  I followed her instructions EXACTLY and only strayed a titch, by making a couple of design add-ons (hooves and the texture on the sheep).  It took me, maybe 3 hours first time around 'cause I was proofreading and meticulously cutting out and scoring every individual piece one-at-a-time.  Don't gasp at the time lol.  It also included searching thru my cardstock and gathering punches, dies, embellishments etc.

Oh, and this is not a paid advertisement even if it sounds like one heehee.  I'm just so excited and happy about this whole project and can't wait for my friends and family to see what I've done now.  And these tutorials are too good not to share.   So... what are you waiting for?!  Go get that tutorial and make your own for friends and family.  This is a heckuva present to gift your parents or other loved ones.  Looks great and the treats are yummy too!

Thank you Brenda!  Mwah!


Supplies: all SU and all listed in Brenda's tutorial.  My only add was the Decorative Dots TIEF for the sheep.  If you're in Canada and looking for supplies and don't have a demo, please drop me a line.

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