Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Official

Yup... I am now a Stampin' Up Demonstrator. So make sure you keep me in mind when you're thinking of ordering anything related to papercrafting [wink]. You can see all the products on the Stampin' Up website.

So now you know why I also need to do a clean-up and out as mentioned in the previous post, lol?!

About three years ago, I decided to create an album for my parents' 50th Anniversary. Looking back, I know I was nuts to create a 70 some page album spanning their entire life together, including their "growing up" years and also pages from many family members. I had never scrapped a day in my life and in fact, thought it was a rather silly and expensive hobby. I mean... why spend all that time on pretty papers, sayings, journalling and a book when you could buy ready-made photo sheets and just plunk pics into those or get little photo corners or those albums where you could lift the clear sheet and just stick pics in?! However, I had so much freakin' fun experimenting and playing with papers, glues, embellishments and basic techniques that... the rest, as they say, is history. Why not just jump in with both feet?! I was hooked. Hook, line and sinker.

Then came the cards. I will NEVER make "homemade" cards I said. I didn't understand why anyone would spend all that time, energy and not-to-mention money on a card that will just be thrown out?! I mean, really, it is so easy just to buy one at the myriad of stores... especially dollar stores. Geesh, what did I know?! Never say never. They may get thrown out, but the process... the creating, the playing... just puts a smile on my face. It's the journey, right?

I was hooked. Paper. Embellishments. Ink. Diecutting machines (my latest and I think greatest is the Big Shot Pro that my husband bought me for Christmas - but it is honking HUGE [grin]). Ribbon. And the STAMPS! Good, golly, gosh... I was/am addicted.

So... what better way to feed my passion than to sign up with a company that gets a lot of my money anyway, lol. A company that has all the above and more. Something to feed my passion.

So... the craft area. It's so gotta get organized, lol!


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